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New publication TECHNO BODIES

Posted on January 24, 2024

New publication TECHNO BODIES   |  News
New publication TECHNO BODIES

In her multidisciplinary work, Ivonne Thein (born 1979 in Meiningen, lives and works in Berlin) addresses the current body images of a digital culture that is undergoing fundamental change due to extensive technologization. Today, new technologies are profoundly shaping both the physical body and its virtual representations in the visual culture of our time. Thein works with AI systems for her installations and places the question of the problem of imitating nature, and thus the relationship between art, technology and body, at the center of her artistic work. To do this, she combines digital techniques with sculptures that she creates by hand from silicone. Thein thereby evokes an intrusive closeness in the exhibition space, as the images generated with the AI no longer remain just a pure data set on the screen. The book presents works from 2020–2023.

Concept: Ivonne Thein
Authors: Peggy Schoenegge, Pamela C. Scorzin
Design: Tobias Wenig
Size: 20 x 27 cm
Cover: Softcover with open thread stitching
Pages: 80
Illustrations: 85
Languages: German, English
Publisher: DCV Books Berlin
ISBN: 978-3-96912-171-9

New publication TECHNO BODIES   |  News
New publication TECHNO BODIES