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Calendar Personal One 2024

Posted on November 26, 2023

Calendar Personal One 2024   |  News
Calendar Personal One 2024

My calendar will be published soon at Studioarte22.

Beatrice Cordaro, Art historian and art curator wrote an additional review:

"Beyond the Bounds of Image: Dreamlike Avant-Garde in Ursa Schoepper's
Photography – Beatrice Cordaro, Art Historian and Curator
Experimental, avant-garde: Ursa Schoepper's photography transcends the
boundaries of reality, transporting the observer into a dreamlike, surreal,
immersive dimension.
Ursa's photography is a work in progress, transforming through diverse
perceptions and broadly echoing the commitment of Dada photography.
Consider the photographic experiments of Man Ray, which profoundly and
positively marked the development of alternative and avant-garde photography.
Historically, as early as 1924, André Breton, in drafting the Surrealist Manifesto,
emphasized the importance of two elements that could open new daily
scenarios: chance and the unconscious.
For the surrealists, and somewhat as heirs of the Dada movement, chance,
dreams, and the unconscious were new interpretive keys. Many photographers
embraced these new ideas and trends. In 1929, photography began to play an
autonomous role in the Bauhaus context.
In this regard, Ursa continues what was experimented with a century ago,
providing innovative forms of photography capable of astonishing both visually
and emotionally. She is an original and intriguing artist who creates works with
complex structures, yet visually minimal, elegant, and essential. Ursa is an artist
to be critically studied, analyzed with attention to extract everything contained
in her artistic universe: architecture, technique, color, nuances, historical-artistic
Today, it is important to analytically study the art of contemporary artists who live
in the present, leaving delightful fruits for posterity.
Ursa creates metaphorical works, working with the material as if they were notes
of a symphonic score: her images, her fragments, bind together like music in
which minor and major scales merge, dance together, reaching to strike the
emotional universe of the audience.
An illusionist, composer, photographer, artist, Ursa embodies the essence of
multidisciplinarity, offering the opportunity to dream with eyes wide open.
Beatrice Cordaro
Art historian and art curator"

Calendar Personal One 2024   |  News
Calendar Personal One 2024