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Michael Kalki Main Profile Image

Michael Kalki

Berlin, Germany

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Collage, Painting • Born in Ravensburg, Germany • Studied at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany; Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, V.R.China

I produce the models for my paintings on the computer...

...with an image editing programme. Most of those models are posted on my blog as soon as i made them. There are three kinds of topics: abstract motifs, society related and surrealistic absurd humorous motifs. The motifs overlap sometimes.

"Somebody", 170x136cm,2016, acrylic on canvas

"body", 170x136cm,2016, acrylic on canvas

"blues noise", 200x160,2016, acrylic on canvas

"shadow noise", 200x160,2016, acrylic on canvas

"guy", 200x160cm,2016, acrylic on canvas

"hongkong noise", 200x160,2016, acrylic on canvas

"red noise", 200x160cm,2016, acrylic on canvas

"invention", 200x160cm,2016, acrylic on canvas

What sounds, scents and sights do you encounter while in your studio?

Street sounds

What is your favourite material to work with? How has your use of it evolved throughout your practice?

Colours, Computer

What themes do you pursue?

Daily news and politics, abstract motifs, humour, the unconscious, beauty

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

Van Gogh

If you weren´t an artist, what would you be doing?



Michael Kalki, Galerie Jan Wentrup, Text: Nicola Suthor, Engl.Übersetz.: Wilhelm Werthern, 2007

Michael Kalki, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Gregor Hildebrandt, Pablo Alonso, Grimm Fine Art, Amsterdam, 2008

So Art, Artists in residence, Millstättersee, Michael Kalki, Nick Oberthaler Silke Otto-Knapp, Jeremy Deller, Tasha Amini, Franz Amann, Bettina Mürner, Maureen Kaegi 2012

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