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Imke Lohmann Main Profile Image

Imke Lohmann

Hamburg, Germany

Collage, Drawing, Painting • Born in Göttingen, Germany • Studied at HfbK Hamburg

Published  02/05/2022


Lohmann explores structures and colour effects in abstract art inspired by landscapes, cultures and metropolises. Since a work stay at China Academy of Art Hangzhou, she has transferred various light elements into her paintings. During her creative urges, Lohmann experiments with classical and recycled materials: Surface textures from old magazines, colour tapes, glass, fabrics and scetches recreate tactile objects.

Imke Lohmann
Epic voyage, exhibition view 2012

Epic voyage, exhibition view 2012

What is it about your studio space that inspires you?

natural light, humans, travelling, cultures

What sounds, scents and sights do you encounter while in your studio?

musics, telephones, collegues, scetches, my recent artworks

What is your favourite material to work with? How has your use of it evolved throughout your practice?

colour, on paper or digital, creativity, thinking

What themes do you pursue?

experimenting with different lights, materials, form, colours, figures, abstract art

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

a big chinese ink painting

If you weren´t an artist, what would you be doing?

pilot, teaching, travellor, designer, architect, tourism field...

What are your favourite places besides your studio?

travelling the world




Artist Books for Everything, Weserburg, Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen

Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, Seoul, South Korea


Kunst im Schaufenster (Altonale), Hamburg

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Mori Museum in Minobu, Yamanashi, Japan

Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst Bremen



2006, Joseph Binder Award gold: Fiction / Junior, Wien, Österreich

2005, Auszeichnung best of unpublished german book design, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz / Buchmesse Frankfurt

2005, Auszeichnung Input Output 08, Output Foundation, Amsterdam, Niederlande

EDUCATION (detailed)

1998-04 University of applied sciences, Mainz

2000/01 Erasmus: Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium

2006-12 University of Fine arts of Hamburg

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Lohmann lectures at art and design academies in Asia (e.g. at Bejing Normal University Campus Zhuhai, China).

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