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Adam Dix Main Profile Image
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture • Born in London, UK • Studied at Wimbledon College of Art, London

Adam Dix: Folklore & Technology

"I stumbled across the work of Adam Dix by accident, during a particularly dismal day in London last winter. The rain poured, the winds howled, and the clouds cast menacing shadows over Mayfair. We ducked into the Haunch of Venison shortly before closing time, and squelched up the magnificent staircase to see Transmission.
The gallery had been temporarily relocated to number six Burlington Gardens, a building made up of gargantuan rooms and double height ceilings. Against these vast white walls, his paintings were modest in scale, yet still commanded my attention. At first glance, they appeared to be nostalgic, voyeuristic documents, reminiscent of tinted photographs. Closer inspection revealed a sinister undertone to each of these mysterious anthropological scenes, and I felt compelled to understand the narrative behind them. It’s rare that I’ll return to see the same exhibition twice, but there was something so genuinely mesmerising about the palette of pastel colours he’d used to paint these warped societies, that I braved the elements a week later for a second viewing. "

Leanne Cloudsdale, Inventory Magazine.




Yesterday's Prophets, Eleven Gallery, London



Ten Year Anniversary show at Eleven Gallery, London

Strange Cites, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens

Modern Mythology at Space W10, London


Alasdhair Willis, London, UK

Anita Zabludowicz for 176 Gallery, London, UK

Fatima Maleki, London, UK

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Eleven, London |

Slate Gallery, Culver City, California |


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