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Nina E. Schönefeld | [:en]new On Artitious[:de]neu Bei Artitious[:]

Posted on October 31, 2017

Nina E. Schönefeld

Nina @work: technical stuff (lamps, motion detector...)

The question might be how to vanish from one moment to the other...

'In case there would be a drastic political change in your country you will need special advice and gear to survive... Get prepared.
I am a hacker... travelling around the world... And my story never ends...'

Schönefeld’s art examines the contemporary social and political climate. Through unusual mediums and objects, the artist questions the contemporary roles of (female) hackers and artists alike, exploring the relationship between art and the present digital age. Her #hacker-stories imagine a world where, due to a drastic political shift, we need to fight for our democratic rights and survival. A concept that perhaps is not so far fetched?

Nina E. Schönefeld is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her strong interest in new artistic developments has resulted in interdisciplinary installations - an overall system of light sources (lamps, movement detectors etc.), sound systems (mixers etc.), electronic machines, videos, lamps & computer screens and newly built sculptures and interiors…

The focus of Nina E. Schönefeld lies on political, social and digital changes in society... phenomena of abrupt shift... escape from political persecution, hacking attacks, nuclear accidents, dictatorships, freedom of speech and a free press... people who are radically different ... the lives of hackers and preppers, Wikileaks members, NSA employees, data martyrs, political underdogs, hermits, computer game fanatics, cult members, extremists ... the Darknet, Julien Assange, Edward Snowden, the blackout in NY, Chernobyl and Fukushima, the control center of the CIA, the Chaos Computer Club, North Korea, the right wing movement, Children of God, Suprematism, the Bauhaus, Zero, insular colonies, digital inventions and radical social networks ...