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Providing Studios For L.A. Artists

Posted on September 19, 2016

Providing Studios For L.A. Artists   |  News
Providing Studios For L.A. Artists

As most of you know. Meike and I got evicted from our house and my studio here in Echo Park so the landlords can demolish our house and studios to build condos. We already secured a new lovely home with great landlords, now I am trying to secure a new studio space. Last Friday I was offered a 4,500 sq foot studio in the heart of downtown LA owned by a nice family who only want to rent to an artist.

I am trying to raise the money I need to secure the space and do the contsruction of 5 to 8 studios. I have only a week to make this happen. This new studio complex will provide space for up and coming artists in a market where space is hard to find and in most cases way to expensive for the emerging artist to afford.

A donation of any size, even $5 or $10 bucks would help and after I meet my goal and construct the studios a party will be held at the space to celebrate the contributors of this endeavor.

For donations of $50.00 the donor will recieve and 11x14 inch screen print.

For donations of $100.00 the donor will receive a 9 x 6 inch original drawing.

For donations of more than $100.00 the donor will be given a digital catalog of art works in which they can personally pick out a work of art for their collection.

Other ways to support the cause can be found here:

and here:

Thank you,
Kottie Paloma and the future artist in the new space.