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ArtCircleResidence – Europe Connect (Education/ One week workshop)

Posted on July 27, 2023

ArtCircleResidence – Europe Connect (Education/ One week workshop)   |  News
ArtCircleResidence - Europe Connect (Education/ One week workshop)

ArtCircleResidence (Education/ One week workshop)
Europe Connect

Application deadline: 04.08.2023

Special offer for upcoming artists and art lovers! Painting sky and sea in Istria, 11.09-18.09.23
Do you want to spend one week in Istria, all inclusive, and paint together with Anne Wölk? She received an ArtCircleResidence-Europe Connect visual artist scholarship 2023 Application deadline: 04.08.2023 Send your CV and a max. one page motivation letter to: artcircleresidence@gmail.com

Special offer for upcoming artists and art lovers! Painting sky and sea in Istria, 11.09.-18.09.23 The Art Circle Residence program offers a unique opportunity for two individuals to work alongside accomplished artist Anne Wölk. Participants will spend one week in a small and flexible group of up to four people in Croatia, where they can exchange views, learn to paint, enjoy the landscape and connect with the local art community in Croatia.
Two additional artists or art lovers will be selected by the Board of Art Circle Residence after the application deadline and informed on 04.08.23 to arrange flights. This year Dr. Anna Prinz, president of acr-europe, will organize the residency. At the end of the residency art works created during the week will be exhibited during a vernissage, most likely on one of the surrounding wineries to meet and connect with local artists and art lovers, organized by acr-europe.
Who is ArtCircleResidence-Europe Connect (acr-europe)? We are a not for profit organization, based in Düsseldorf,founded in 2021 as a counterpart to an Australian NGO with the same mission. The idea of acr-europe is to connect artists and innovation and inspire both. Therefore the stay is not limited to artists only.

The board of acr-europe will decide whom to select for the week according to the donations received so far. Applicants can offer donations too. A donation of 1500 Euro would earn you the sponsorship title “art angel” and secure one scholarship. For more detailed information please write to : artcircleresidence@gmail.com
or call: +49-176-32953904 Please find below a few impressions on what to expect as accommodation.

Background information: Each year Art Circle Residence - Europe Connect (www.acr-europe.net) supports artists in special residency programs in Europe. In 2023 Anne Wölk, visual Artist from Berlin (www.sigulart.com) was selected by “ArtCircleResidence-Europe Connect“ e.V., based inDüsseldorf, to be inspired by the most beautiful sky around the planetarium of Tičan, Istria and to paint more of her beautiful space aestetics works, of which some were shown at CICA Museum South Korea in 2021 (info at: www.annewoelk.com).

Anne Wölk is following famous visual artist Tsering Hannaford from Australia (www.tesringhannaford.com.au) who won the scholarship for a residency program in Vizinada, Istria in 2022 and was nominated for the prestigious Archibald portrait prize in Sydney. (info at: www.acr-europe.net)

What is special about this offer? ACR-Europe offers exclusively to two artists or donors to accompany Anne Wölk during her stay and (if wanted) paint together, learn from her, connect to the local art scene in Vizinada and enjoy evenings in the surrounding wineries, artists villages and seaside.
The president of ACR-Europe, Dr. Anna Prinz, will be present at the 2023 residency and take care of flights from Germany to Pula or Venice, transportation, housing and all meals enjoyed at the residence in Vizinada (meals in restaurants have to be paid by participants).
The residence is a 270 m2 stonewall school with a splendid 13 km view and 3 terraces. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to visit the Višnjan Observatory in Tičan and learn about the telescope's operation methods, eat truffels and enjoy wine at the surrounding wineries and visit the art villages Groznjan and Motovun.

Try to become an art angel and support traveling artists or join in the trip yourself and learn how light and colors influence our vision and talent!

See you soon :) and become an “art angel” Dr. Anna Prinz Ambassador ret. President of acr-europe connect www.acr.europe.net artcircleresidence@gmail.com tel: +49 176-32953904

ArtCircleResidence – Europe Connect (Education/ One week workshop)   |  News
ArtCircleResidence - Europe Connect (Education/ One week workshop)