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How Do I Start A Contemporary Art Collection?

The first step is simple: fall in love with an artwork! That gut reaction is important, but should not be followed by instant action. Maybe you’ve seen a work that you really hate? If art raises your passions, you can develop a fruitful relationship with it. If it makes you feel indifferent, stay away. Maybe you remember it one day and come back to it.

Once you’ve found that piece that moves you, take a look at other artworks by the same artist. Check out the artist’s biography: where they studied, how often they have shows, in which galleries, and how they’ve developed over their career. You can find this information on Artitious or on their personal websites.

Next, ask yourself how much money you want to spend. If you start with young artists, you can get original artworks for less than 5000€. If you’re willing to spend more than 10000€, you can purchase an artwork by somebody who is already well known. Art by the most renown contemporary artists starts from about 30000€. These prices relate to unique works, not to multiples.

Most important: Never think about what your friends will say if, for example, an artwork has provocative content. Important artworks often do. Great art is not just there to entertain, but to provoke thought and reflect life and society’s issues.

Now that you’re an art collector, the best thing you can do is enjoy your artworks! The second best that can happen is watching your art gaining value or see a young artist you’ve found and ‘invested’ in gaining recognition over time. Of course, this won’t happen with every artist – but if you have a good collection, there will always be someone who brings you joy also under such aspects.

Above all, Artitious can give you confidential answers for all your questions about collecting art. We have two experienced in house collectors and are bulletproof art consultants. Call us at any time!