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You Can Feel It

Posted on October 13, 2015


Event Type:

Group Exhibition curated by Jonny Star


HAUS am LÜTZOWPLATZ / Studio Galerie, Lützowplatz 9, 10785 Berlin, Germany


November 13, 2015 - December 20, 2015


Tue-Sun, 11AM – 6PM

Opening: Friday, November 13, 2015, 7 p.m. - Performance Event: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 4 p.m

You Can Feel It   |  Event
You Can Feel It

Invited artists:
Thomas Behling (GER), Sindy Butz (GER/US), Anke Cott (GER), Markus Siegfried Fiedler (GER), Franciscus & Franciscus (NL), Monica Germann & Daniel Lorenzi (CH), Reinhold Gottwald (GER), Sol Kjøk (US), Honey McMoney (US), Jen Ray (US), Römer + Römer (GER), Raven Schlossberg (US), Ann Schomburg & Sascha Boldt (GER), Jonny Star (GER), Annette Stemmann (GER), Sador Weinsčlucker (GER), Nadine Wottke (GER)

With “You Can Feel It”, assertions are made and verified. This refers to both the works on display and to the field which is created when artists, artistic works and guests meet in a private or private staged space. In cultures of the past, pictorial expression and community rituals quite naturally gave guidance and shape to a community’s survival, and facilitated the resolution of difficulties arising during the building of the community. Spaces filled with artistic expression are experiential spaces with the transformational power that people need in order to recognize themselves and to form communities.

“You Can Feel It” forms such an experiential space. The artistic works, the cohort of artists present and the guests who are coming together in the private staged space of the Studiogalerie are equals. By bringing together various artistic works in a space, in addition to their individual meanings, a new total surface arises and thus a new common content. This display is a performative act. Live performances have the strength to reveal this connection of art works, artists and guests in the space. The intensity of the newly created field increases in the presence of multiple disciplines; and importantly, these disciplines are not separated hierarchically. Unlike the white cube, the private staged space generates an intimacy, which again increases the field of the created experiential space. The displayed works of art are more than their surface. The works have a “soul”, a content that can be captured cognitively or emotionally, while our personal experiences and our collective memory come to the fore. This is nothing new for people who deal with art, rather it is considered a prerequisite of creating art. But, with many artworks surrounding us in the world, incessantly, omnipresently, it is different. These works, produced for the capitalist art market and often fitted out with the idea of a “Greatness” of a primarily male artist, are declared as valuable works of art, though they are soulless surfaces without content and are in fact just suited as a constructed financial investment. You Can Feel It!
Jonny Star© SUPERUSCHI, Berlin

For a new iteration of an interdisciplinary SUPERUSCHI show entitled You Can Feel It, Berlin-based artist and curator, Jonny Star invited artists from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United States. On view are Photographs, Objects, Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Videos and Live Performances. The majority of the participating artists have exhibited repeatedly together, most recently in New York City at Rush Arts Gallery, supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department. SUPERUSCHI is a platform created by Jonny Star in 2013 for interaction and dialogue between international artists and visitors in intimate spaces while exposing and working within the intersections of discipline, and space, all in the spirit of social sculpture.