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Opening – Painting by RÖMER+RÖMER “¿Qué dices?”

Posted on March 30, 2017


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Espronceda. Center for Art & Culture, Carrer D'Espronceda 326, 08027 Barcelona, Spain


April 20, 2017 - April 29, 2017


Tue - Sat: 4pm - 8:30pm

Opening – Painting by RÖMER+RÖMER “¿Qué dices?”   |  Event
Opening - Painting by RÖMER+RÖMER "¿Qué dices?"

Römer+Römer - Auf Monkey Safari

Espronceda presents

“¿Qué dices?”
by Römer + Römer

curated by Alejandro Martin

Opening on Thursday 20th of April at 19h30.

Exhibition from 21st to 29th of April, 2017.

¿Qué Dices?
Römer + Römer
Exhibition curated by Alejandro Martín
Opening on Thursday 20th of April, 19h30
Exhibition from 21st to 29th of April 2017.

ESPRONCEDA, Center for Art and Culture, is pleased to present works from the new project of the Berlin based artists couple: RÖMER + RÖMER.

The title of the exhibition ¿Qué Dices? (What do you say? in English and originally Was sagst Du? in German) wants to condense the experience on which the works are based: the FUSION FESTIVAL in Lärz, which is held every summer in an old military airport and the artists have been attending since 2012. It is an independent, non-commercial music festival, clearly expressing an era of freedom and of the overcoming of European history in the second half of the 20th century, and which has continued to the beginning of the present century. Thousands of young people gather to celebrate life for a few days, in a community atmosphere, artistic creation and party around techno music.
Nina and Torsten Roemer actively live the contemporary world and they are actors and spectators of it: festivals, demonstrations, celebrations, rituals, and other events that bring people together in this globalized and yet so diverse world.
The ultimate product of their work is painting, however based on the photographic records taken by them at the events and happenings that they visit in their travels all over the world: Germany, China, Korea, India, Brazil, etc.

In the exhibition "¿Qué Dices?" the paintings on display want to convey this festive and very free event that is the Fusion Festival to us.
The formats of the pictures are unusual, they play with verticality or horizontality, creating a dynamic and lightweight exhibition. The works bring to us the energy of the festival, the youth of the people that are attending, the philosophy of transgression and no rules and the sense of community.
These specific groups of people, the meeting of individuals with a common hobby or purpose, is hypnotizing the artists in a powerful way and they document these themes and experiences in their paintings.
The main piece of the exhibition "Was sagst Du?" (What do you say?) is a 5 meter triptych that immerses us in the festive and communal atmosphere of the festival. The pictorial technique used by artists, the color points, speaks of the digital, of the immediate image, but in their case it is a meditated image, computer processed and then elaborated minutely, painted with four hands that put on the canvas thousands of dots of color, vibrating independently as the musical notes of the concert.
The exhibition in Espronceda, curated by Alejandro Martín, transmits the playful energy of the event, the concept of community and freedom. It welcomes a large photographic mural of the audience of the Festival Fusion and with a vertical and horizontal dynamism shows us the vibrant paintings of Römer + Römer.
It is Europe, it is the force of union, freedom, culture, transverse communities, celebration, life ... a message that must continue more than ever in our contemporary world.

Römer + Römer are a German-Russian artist couple living and working in Berlin. Since 1998 they have worked on joint projects and artworks. Torsten Römer (*1968 in Aachen) and Nina Römer (*1978 as Nina Tangian in Moscow) studied painting at the Düsseldorf College of Arts until 2003 and became master class students with A.R. Penck.
They employ photography, digital art, mixed media techniques and painting. Their works incorporate historical and political references, the pictorial idea “hand painted” into “analogue images” with a pixel-structure. As a departure from the impressionist form of Pointillism, the color pixels can be seen as a reference to the digital flood of images in the media era of selfies.
Their artistic CV charts multiple solo and group exhibitions across Germany and abroad, among others, at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, at Freight+Volume Gallery in New York, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Korean Gwangju Art Museum, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Kunsthalle Rostock, Künstlerhaus Wien, the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen, or the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. Various participations at Biennale formats brought Römer + Römer to Venice (56th Biennale, National Pavilion of Mauritius, 2015), Istanbul, Vancouver, San Francisco, (Emergency Biennale, 2005-2008), Liverpool (Liverpool Biennale, 2002) and Turin (Big Torino, 2002). They are represented by the gallery Michael Schultz (Berlin). For further information, visit www.roemer.tv.

Espronceda – founded 2013 in Barcelona – is an innovative and contemporary art center, exhibition and work space. Espronceda provides a platform and multi-disciplinary
environment for artists, curators, and everybody else who believes in the importance of art, culture and education for more creativity and a better World. Espronceda fosters established and aspiring international artists to develop their work and creativity, and to spread their inspiration beyond their physical stay in the space. Espronceda is home of art, culture, creativity & education which offers various activities.
While hosting permanent artists, Espronceda provides a platform for the dialogue of contemporary art in an international context and launched a twofold residency program.
The mandate of the Artist in Residence program is to invite internationally recognized artists, curators and art critics to Barcelona and showcase their activities. Espronceda also provides extensive cultural and educational programs as well as a variety of workshops.

Center for Art and Culture
Carrer d’ Espronceda 326, Nave 4-5-10 08027 Barcelona - España
Exhibition organized in
collaboration with the
Consulado General de la
Republica Federal de
Alemania de Barcelona.
And sponsored by Moritz

ESPRONCEDA │CENTER for ART & CULTURE; encontrArte Asociación, NIF: G66433111
Carrer d'Espronceda 326 Nave 4,5 & 10 - 08027 Barcelona, Spain -
Phone: +34 658 319 260 info@espronceda.net / http. espronceda.net