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Posted on February 17, 2017


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Wildpalms, TBA


March 16, 2017

Incognito   |  Event

The question behind the Incognito series is: Can an artwork become decorative or even invisible when place in the right context?
The notion of decoration and ornamentation interest me for its triviality and neglected importance.
I personally love elaborate embellishment in artworks and environment.
The question is maybe more about which kind of judgment do we pose on a object in regard of it’s surroundings.
Each painting depict a very broad thematic adoring its clichés without implying any narration.
The upholstered velvet frames uses the language of mobilier and stage curtains.
As a result each large format works are exuberantly present and hard not to acknowledge in a space.
Therefor the ironical title incognito strengthen my position on the non-dit high Art decorum and the preciousness of the galleries and museums.
Each painting is first installed in the context closest to it’s subject and documented.
Hopefully the works blends in swiftly and become just another decoration element.
Presented as a whole, the series become once again art and propose a dialogue.