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Emma (Mysterious) | Yves Scherer | available artwork

Yves Scherer

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Emma (Mysterious)

Lenticular-Print, mounted on Alu-Dibond, Frame maple-wood
71 x 51 cm | 28,0 x 20,1 inch
Edition: 3/50

750,00 € (+ VAT, Insurance & Shipping)

Editor's Notes

Yves Scherer’s Emma (Mysterious) is a lenticular composite of three different photographs of the actress, model and activist Emma Watson. As part of his “post-internet” exploration of our new global culture’s ability to pry and fixate on celebrity figures (especially young, attractive, female ones), Scherer dedicated a whole show and series of works, Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport, to depictions of Watson.
Much like the view of celebrities given to us through the media, Emma (Mysterious) has an illusory three-dimensionality. Here, it is an optical effect, while in the “real world” it is an effect made by an accumulation of paparazzi photos, staged shoots, unverifiable rumours and careful press releases.
As the viewer moves around Emma (Mysterious), from close-up photo to candid snapshot to half-wholesome-half-sexy portrait, the images change, but our focus and obsession does not.


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