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Artitious began life in September 2014, out of the collector’s head of our founder. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to creating a better world for artists and their art.
Our founders’ obsession with art has led us on a unique journey. Today we are building networks for artists and help collectors to find a path in the art jungle.
We now have close to 250 artists on Artitious and users in 125 countries in the world. We’ve built a sell & buy section for galleries, artists and collectors. But no matter how big we get, we’ll keep doing the simple things well and keep looking after each of our artists, day in, day out.


Portal to the finest Artists and their Art

Artitious gives you rare insider views into famous and upcoming artists studios, a glance into their creative process and regular updates on their developments. Artitious is a space for the public to learn more about artists, and also stay up to date with their latest exhibitions. Artitious hosts artists from all over the world and has visitors from over 120 countries. We are a center where the art world meets and a hub for collectors to discover and purchase artworks from renowned artists and upcoming talents.

Buy Art from Curated and Renowned Artists

Each artwork purchased on artitious is a unique piece produced by one of the world finest artists, across a range of media from painting to sculpture. The Artitious experts curate all new artists in order to present to you only the highest calibres. Our experts’ knowledge, together with the provenience of renowned galleries, provides you with the security that your purchased artworks are worth value and sustainable.


You can browse through artists’ profiles, view countless photos of their work, read interviews and find information on the latest events in the art world. Once you have discovered your favourite artists you can follow their journals to receive updates on their latest news and upcoming exhibitions. We continue to strive to bring you the best from the contemporary art world!

Invitation to Artists

Artitious invites artists of the highest calibre to participate in our website. Enabling artists’ to show their artworks on a profile and share news and events. Our platform allows artists to expand their public following and have the attention of art enthusiasts. Every artist published on our platform will receive our full support, including features on our front page, inclusion in our newsletter and additional social media features. It’s all free of costs! You can ‘sign up as artist’ and submit your profile.

Invitation to Guests

Artitious invites collectors, curators and the public to join the platform. Instead of navigating through individual websites and social media, Artitious offers a bespoke and crafted hub purely for the art world. You can become a Premium Guest by signing up for free which will give you the possibility to follow artists and share content. Artitious can be your source for discovering new artists and a place see more of artists you already know.


Artitious believes that a strong platform is beneficial to artists, galleries, collectors and the art-interested public. Instead of navigating through individual websites and social media, Artitious offers a bespoke and crafted hub purely for the art world. Artitious makes it simple for artists, collectors, curators, galleries and the public to show, view and buy.


Artitious Content Board:

Manuela Alexejew • Dr Pascal Decker • Dr Ulrich Köstlin • Philipp von Matt • Markus Peichl • Dirk Schönberger • Dr Birgit Sonna • Dr Alice Trier • Brigitte von Trotha-Ribbentrop • Ingeborg Wiensowski • Gudrun Wurlitzer

Artitious Founder:

Gudrun Wurlitzer comes from inside the contemporary art scene. As an architect, she has always been friends with the most thrilling contemporary artists and shared their art. This is how collecting started – and later it became passion.
Her initial idea when starting Artitious was to pass on some of her great experience to the art interested public. After the platform became successful within a short time, she continued to expand Artitious to a veritable art portal.
Gudrun Wurlitzer is a board member of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe.

Artitious Consultant:

Bernd Wurlitzer was running a gallery in Duesseldorf in the 1980s where he showed a long list of artists who have later become famous.
Over the last two decades he has been working as art adviser for a number of top contemporary art collections. He was the agent of Malcolm McLaren.
Bernd Wurlitzer served as board member of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.

Artitious Director:

Goetz Christmann is an architect and race driver. Besides these two professions he has been curating the work of contemporary photographers, which has given him deep insight into the significance of artists work and the art market.


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