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Grouping Singular Lines into Planes | Liat Grayver | available artwork

Liat Grayver

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Grouping Singular Lines into Planes

Robotic painting, acrylic on canvas.
100 x 120 cm | 39,4 x 47,2 inch
Offered by: Artitious | Berlin, Germany

3.860,00 € (+ VAT, Insurance & Shipping)

Editor's Notes

Done with the e-David Painting Robot using limited sets of zigzag and straight lines, as well as a grid pattern formed by intersecting brushstrokes In order to give the patterns an organic and complex surface feel, and to break the precision and mechanical appearance of the repetitions, I defined the specific character for each set according to the following parameters: orientation of the set, curvature of individual lines within the set, centre point of the painted masks, angle of the meeting point of the two lines, number of strokes, and proximity between lines — all of which are subject to a degree of randomness.
This grouping of lines into blocks of paint enabled me to incorporate the concept of a centre point as a parameter for the computer when generating a painting. This way, the brushstroke patterns are generated to be located either around or emanating from a pre-defined position.
In order to avoid the creation of a closed composition with poor visual tension, I defined several centre points in a single painting. By experimenting with different colours and brushstroke characteristics (settings), the centre points can be made to support each other as visual nodes in the painting composition