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150403 | Michaela Zimmer | available artwork

Michaela Zimmer

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Acrylic, lacquer, spray paint, and PE film on canvas
190 x 130 cm | 74,8 x 51,2 inch
Offered by: FOLD Gallery | London, United Kingdom

6.200,00 € (+ VAT, Insurance & Shipping)

Editor's Notes

Michaela Zimmer’s paintings spring from spontaneous interactions. First, her body interacts with her tools in the almost-involuntary creative impulse of action painting, which she executes in spray paint, acrylics, permanent marker and lacquer. Then this action interacts with the canvas as her gestures create unexpected forms. Finally, a sheet of polyethylene film is placed over the canvas. In part arranged and in part self-arranging, its own material properties dictate the way it stretches and falls, and how it overlays and changes the colours and forms underneath.

150403 is divided into three sections: the top, where yellow film covers the monochrome canvas, the middle, where the canvas is in the foreground, and the bottom, where the film hangs down in front of the wall behind. Each section represents a different interaction between the viewer, the space around and the work’s constituent parts.


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