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Steffen Schiemann Main Profile Image

Steffen Schiemann

Dresden / Germany

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Collage, Conceptual art, Drawing, Installation, Mixed media, Painting, Sculpture • Born in Berlin/Germany • Studied at Dresden/Germany

Elvis has left the building/ Looking for solution

I like to create a problem and working on a solution. So I find some creatures or things .

"discover" oil, canvas 24x45cm,2016

"untitled", mixed M.,ca.40x60cm,2016

karton, lack,2017

karton, lack,2017

"gabag",mixed M.,ca.80x40cm,2016

" Rust", 200x140cm,Metall auf LW,2017

karton, lack,2017

karton, lack,2017

"Netz",mixed M.,2016

"untitled",ca.45x60cm,mixed M.,2016

"untitled",Oil,spray on canvas,24cmx30cm,2016

"siren",ca.120x60cm,mixed M.,2015

"temposculp",ca.150x50x30cm,mixed M.,2015

"untitled",mixed M.,ca.30x20cm,2016

"untitled",mixed M.,ca.60x40cm,2015

"untitled",mixed M.,ca70x50cm,2015

"untitled",mixed M.,2017

"untitled",ca.40x40x20cm,mixed M.,2016

"Kompresse", 50x40x40cm,mixed M.,2016

"untitled",ca.50x65cm,Textil geschnitten,Gesso,Spray,Kabelbinder,2016


"untitled",mixed M.,ca.50x40x40cm,2016

"untitled",ca.40x40cm,mixed M.,2016

Exh.view 2016

Exh.view 2016

" Target ", mixed M., 100x100cm,2017

Textile sprayed on painted canvas, ca. 35cmx40cm,2017

Textile sprayed on painted canvas, ca. 35cmx40cm,2017

" Linol ", mixed M., ca.100x100cm,2017

"B-Line",textile,spray,varnish on canvas, 200x 140cm

Studioview 2017

Studioview 2017

"couple" 2017 ( serie; used and killed )

What is it about your studio space that inspires you?

This room is very simple.

What sounds, scents and sights do you encounter while in your studio?

There is nothing but the railroad.

What is your favourite material to work with? How has your use of it evolved throughout your practice?

Its not the material its the imaginary of a solution Iam looking for.

What themes do you pursue?

Beauty,Realism, Simplicity.

What advice has had the biggest impact on your career?

Listen to your voice.

If you could install your art absolutely anywhere, where would that be?

It would be absolutely anywhere.

If you could only have one piece of art in your life, what would it be?

A piece of textile.

If you weren´t an artist, what would you be doing?


What are your favourite places besides your studio?





"Elvis has left the Building", Gallery Weißer Hirsch, Dresden-Germany



art fair Dresden-Germany


"HEADS" Gallery Collective Studio, London-GB

"Dunkel und Licht" (collage) Gallery 2. Floor, Dresden-Germany

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Gallery Weißer Hirsch, Dresden-Germany |

Galerie Pack of Patches, Jena-Germany |

EDUCATION (detailed)

1996-2001 Hfbk Dresden/ Germany

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