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Christian Hoischen | Update

Posted on May 29, 2016

Christian Hoischen

Christian Hoischen

He was not allowed to use a brush during his studies at the art academy. It was a time when painting was a no-go. As a consequence, he started to paint afterwards - with lots of paint! „It always looked like too much impasto”, he remembers, even though, „I always had slick surfaces like photography in my mind.“

Fed with so many contradictions, Christian Hoischen was able to find a perfect technique to combine both media while creating something completely new. It is hard to describe and you must see it in its actual form. He paints on a resin foil and attaches the painted side to a base plate. The actual glossy artwork you see shows the reverse of the painting. „I need this act of mirroring.” Christian explains. “It makes me look at my painting in a new and fresh way. So I can assess much better if it will work out well.”

His subjects range from starting rockets, creepy scenes in a forest, to interiors, people, huge snakes and even a Rolex watch – all in reverse!

Not to forget the omnipresent lamps he is regularly working on, which seem to be elements from some of his paintings, translated into concrete.