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for Artists and the Artworld

Artitious is an online platform designed to bring together artists, art professionals, and the interested public. By functioning as a central hub for all things artistic – or as we like to say, artitious – we showcase famous and new artists in their studios, help emerging artists forge connections with the professional art world, and provide information to both art professionals and art lovers worldwide about new and exciting developments in contemporary art.

Artitious gives easy access for everybody on any part of the globe. To create connections to the physical world, Artitious publishes news and events regarding the artists, their exhibitions and shows. You will be able to take secret looks in artists' studios, browse through their profiles, leaf through countless photos of their work, find interviews and more.
Last but certainly not least, Artitious offers you the unique opportunity to interact with all the content on site by commenting, liking and sharing!

Invitation to Artists

Artitious invites all artists to participate in our website. Each artist is a great asset to the site and our interested readers, so please join and sign up for membership! It’s completely free of costs. Due to the high demand at times, we ask for some patience until your profile goes live.
Just as a precaution, we also ask for your understanding that in rare cases Artitious refrains from publishing single profiles.

How it works for Guests

Art Professionals

Artitious is your source for new developments in the global contemporary-art world. Signing up for your free account will allow you not only to view the artists’ work but also to interact with the artists themselves. What better way to get in touch with and learn about both established figures and up-and-coming stars?

Art Lovers

Do you like to stay up-to-date on who’s doing what in the art community? Or maybe you’re simply curious and would like to learn more? With Artitious, everything is at your fingertips, from artist profiles, to the latest news and events near you. Registered users can follow their favorite artists, vote for their favorite works, share content and interact with the artists themselves!

And remember, Artitious is completely free!