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We take you into the heart of art

Artitious wants to be your friendly assistant for discovering great artists and their work. You don’t have to be an expert to be enthusiastic about art. Our founder Gudrun Wurlitzer, herself a collector of contemporary art, is happy to share her decades of experience with you. Artitious takes you right into the heart of art with a minimum of fuss, giving you rare insider views into the studios of established and emerging artists. Whether or not you are a collector already, Artitious offers you easy and pleasant access into the exclusive world of art.

We can help you purchase great art

Artitious offers you unique pieces created by some of the world’s finest artists, each picked by our founder. Together with Artitious’ experts she curates all new artists in order to present only those of the highest calibre. With our expertise and relationships with renowned galleries, you can rest assured that the art you are buying is original and valuable.

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More Features

Browse through artists’ profiles: view countless photos of their studios and their work, read interviews and find information about their upcoming shows, openings and private views. Keep up-to-date with the latest news about your favourite artists in their journals.

Project Page

Our most exclusive feature is the Project Page, where you can follow the genesis and development of a huge painting by famous Michael Kunze from the first brushstroke. The page is updated day by day: watch the surprising twists in the process as a great artwork develops from scratch.

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Invitation to Artists

Artitious invites artists of the highest calibre to participate in our website. Artists can show their artworks on their profile and share news and events. Our platform allows artists to expand their public following and stay in focus. Every artist published on our platform will receive our full support, including features on our front page, inclusion in our newsletter and additional social media features. It’s all free! Sign up as artist and submit your profile.

Invitation to Guests

Artitious invites collectors, curators and the public to our platform. Instead of navigating through individual websites and social media, Artitious offers a bespoke and crafted hub purely for the art world. You can sign up as a premium guest for free which will give you the possibility to follow artists and share content. Let Artitious be your source for discovering new artists as well as a place to see more of artists you already know.